Mission Statement

Our mission is to come alongside our clients to be their trusted advocate. Due to the nature of our practice of estate litigation and family law, clients come to us often in times of emotional and financial distress. Our goal is to find practical solutions to our clients’ legal problems as efficiently as possible. We see the client-lawyer relationship as a partnership of mutual trust and respect for each other, and seek to carefully listen to our clients’ concerns and story before determining a course of action tailored to their needs. We hold our role as legal counsel seriously, and conduct ourselves with integrity, competence and a passion for justice.

Why “Onyx”?

Onyx is best known as a gemstone, and has been used in jewellery, masonry and other decorative purposes going back to ancient history. Over time, it has developed a reputation for having healing properties, to release negative emotions such as sorrow and grief, as well as to help end unhappy and unhealthy relationships. Onyx jewelry has been traditionally worn to defend against negativity, to fortify self-confidence and to sharpen the senses.

“How does the meaning of “onyx” translate to a law office?”

Onyx Law Group’s focused practice areas are estate litigation and family law. These are areas of law that involve intensely negative relationships. Like the qualities described above regarding onyx gemstones, it is Onyx Law Group’s mission to diffuse the negative nature of these difficult relationships, and to encourage just peace-making in every case.


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