Family Law

Vancouver Family Law Lawyers


Whether you are at the beginning, middle or end of a separation process, you are facing difficult decisions that will affect your future. These concerns are often complex and emotionally charged. Without an experienced family lawyer, you may not be able to protect yourself and your family in the areas of conflict or uncertainty that can arise. Financial issues, care of children and relocation issues often reach a crisis at the same time but early protective measures can make the difference between understanding and controlling the process and feeling overwhelmed by the tasks at hand. Divorce is undeniably stressful but we can help.

At Onyx Law Group in Vancouver, we represent clients who are facing a broad range of divorce and family law concerns. Our lawyers are able to assist you in even the most high-conflict or complex family law matters. We can help with all matters pertaining to.

Just as your family is like no other family, your solution will be different than any other case. Our lawyers will work with you to craft the best result possible in your circumstances so that you can move forward in your life knowing that you did all you could to know and assert your rights in a very challenging situation.

After we get to know you and your legal circumstances, we can recommend a process that is best suited for you to resolve your particular family law issues. Often, mediation or collaborative law processes will efficiently and effectively bring a settlement together without the need for expensive and stressful court appearances. Sometimes a legal problem resists easy resolution and there is no good option other than enlisting the assistance of the court to resolve matters. We find that often it is a combination of court processes and out of court negotiations that finally bring a resolution to a heated dispute. Whatever process is involved, our family lawyers can advocate strenuously for you so that your voice is heard and your legal rights are protected.


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