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Child Support

Child Support - Onyx Law Group On its surface, the matter of child is relatively simple. No one can deny that children are entitled have financial resources of each parent available to raise them to adulthood. There are plenty of internet sites that can quickly give you an idea of what a basic monthly child support obligation is under the Federal Child Support Guidelines. The matter of basic child support, however, quickly becomes less clear when there is an arrangement for shared parenting or when one or the other parent derives their income from self employment or business ownership. There are other grey areas, too. What if you have step-children? Suppose the industry which supplies one parent’s income is unpredictable and there are income fluctuations? What about your adult child who is going to university? Parents have a wonderful commitment to giving their children the best chance of success as an adult. The range of extra-curricular activities available to benefit your child include tutoring, sports programmes, music instruction and many other recreational pursuits. Our family laws recognize that the extra expenses associated with these beneficial programmes are to be divided fairly between the parties. However, this is a particularly fraught area since parents can easily disagree about whether the time commitments and associated costs are capable of being sustained after a family breakdown. The matter of child support is a key facet in ensuring the continuity of your child’s social, educational and recreational pursuits. We will ensure that you know your child’s rights to financial support and that they are protected to the best of our ability.


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