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If you need a divorce order as part of your family law solutions, we can help. This is one of the last matters to be dealt with after a relationship breakdown, if it is even necessary at all. Most often, other pressing issues require immediate attention such as financial protection and arrangements relating to children.

Even if you are anxious to sever the legal tie that binds you to your spouse, it may take longer to accomplish than you expect. This is because the courts are under a duty to ensure that separating spouses are complying with their legal obligations to financially support their children and also their spouse, if that person is likely to have trouble becoming financially independent. The courts are unlikely to grant a divorce until there is clear evidence that the disputes are all settled and that the arrangements are fair in light of the parties’ circumstances and the law.

In rare circumstance, a court will make an order that the parties are divorced from each other before the financial issues are settled. If your circumstances are appropriate, we can obtain an order of divorce for you efficiently.

The family lawyers at Onyx Law Group have the skill and experience to guide you to the finish line. We know that the divorce process can be difficult emotionally and financially. We will do our best to finalize all the legal issues so that your divorce is thing of the past.


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