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Client Testimonial – D.Chambers

“My mother passed away in Oct. 2009. Unfortunately my younger sibling and I did not share the same thoughts when it came to final arrangements and the division of our late mother’s estate. I made the decision to seek legal advice and called Trevor Todd. I spoke to Trevor personally and he is the one who recommended Candace Cho to me.

I am very grateful that I had Candace on my side. From our first phone call I knew she was listening to my specific story and she recalled small details regarding my sibling in our next phone call that really took me back. Candace treated me like a friend, though she is very professional about her business.

Often I return e mails at late or very early hours including Sundays. To my surprise my emails would still be responded to very promptly even within a few minutes. The same thing happened with phone calls and meeting schedules – Always prompt, professional and caring. Candace treated me with genuine kindness like a trusted long time friend. This was a very personal, hurtful and sad experience for myself and my family.

Having Candace represent my best interest with her knowledge of specific strategic steps in regards to estate law was the best thing I could have done. In the end I was awarded a fair portion of my mothers estate.

I have recommended Candace Cho and Onyx Law to others and will continue to do so.”

Yours truly,
D. Chambers – Mission BC