We assist you to plan for incapacity to ensure your assets and health care are appropriately managed, and plan your estate so your assets are efficiently conveyed on death. 

When preparing estate plans for our clients, we take care to understand their unique needs, goals, and circumstances to ensure their estate assets are effectively and efficiently conveyed on death. A comprehensive estate plan also incorporates planning for future incapacity to ensure a client’s financial, legal and health care can be appropriately managed. Our estate planning lawyers regularly assist clients with the following:

  • Wills
  • Representation Agreements (for health care)
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Alter Ego Trusts and Joint Partner Trusts
  • Disability Trusts
  • Committeeship Applications (to be appointed the representative of an incapable individual with respect to their property and health care)
  • Preparing any other documents to support your estate plan and protect against legal challenge
  • Providing advice on novel and complex estate planning and incapacity planning matters

Team Members’ Additional Language Skills:  Cantonese, Korean, Vietnamese

Our lawyers have extensive litigation experience to draw upon when preparing your estate plan to ensure such risks are mitigated.