Onyx Law Group is a boutique law firm with a dedicated practice to the niche areas of estate and family law. We use our detailed knowledge and years of experience to find creative approaches to complex legal situations. From our offices in Vancouver and New Westminster, our team of experience litigators work with clients from across Burnaby, and the rest of British Columbia, to navigate the trickiest aspects of personal disputes. 

The areas of estate and family litigation often involve high-stress situations, and we believe it’s important to know your legal rights and obligations before making any decisions. Please contact us to book a consultation so you know the best step forward. 

Burnaby Family and Divorce Lawyers

Are you seeking a divorce in the Burnaby area? Onyx Law Group represents clients across the area who are facing a broad range of divorce and family law concerns. 

We understand that no matter where you are in the separation process, it’s important to have a lawyer that is caring and compassionate, and can navigate these complex areas of conflict proactively. 

Our team of family lawyers offer the following services: 

Burnaby Estate and Trust Lawyers

Our team of estate lawyers are careful and considerate in our approach to each file we work on. We take the time to understand your case, and structure a customized legal strategy that will help reach a conclusion you will be happy with. 

We’re here to help you navigate the complex web of laws and facts that make up Estate law. Our Estate and Trust services include: 

Estate and Trusts Litigation

For our estate litigation services, we offer 30 minute free consultations to give you the opportunity to discuss your matter with a passionate and knowledgeable lawyer who can advise you on the best steps forward. 

We offer a wide range of estates and trusts litigation services to the people of Burnaby, including: 

For a full range of Estates and Trusts Litigation services, please visit our Estate & Trusts Litigation services page