Vancouver Estates & Trust Lawyers

When it comes to estate law, we are empathetic, creative, and focus on the results you want.

We’re here to help you navigate the complex web of laws and facts that make up Estate law. Our team is always on hand with answers to even your most difficult questions. Whether it’s avoiding common pitfalls or identifying creative ways to make claims; we are skilled, compassionate and well-versed when it comes to handling matters of your or your family’s Estate.

Free Consultation

We believe it’s important to know your legal rights and obligations before making any decisions. That’s why we offer 30 minute free consultations to give you the opportunity to discuss your matter with a passionate and knowledgeable lawyer who can advise you on the best steps forward.


Estates and Trust Litigation


Estate Law is almost always painful, rife with emotion and tends to bring out the dysfunction in families. Whether you’re dealing with events from long ago or more recent hurt, we’re careful and considerate in our approach. Although we want everyone to feel comfortable and to resolve your case as quietly and peacefully as possible, we won’t hesitate to prepare for trial when necessary.

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Estate Planning and Trusts


We assist you to plan for: the event of loss of capacity, your health care, and disposition of your assets on your death. 

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Probate and Estate Administration


We understand that losing a loved one is a heartbreaking experience, and handling the administration of their estate can be both intimidating and complicated. Our team can help you navigate this difficult time. 

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