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Client Testimonial – Charlotte Lochhead

“When I was served with litigation from my father I was in disbelief. I felt a knot in my stomach that would not go away.

I’d spoken to a couple of lawyers but they left me feeling uninspired and curious as to whether or not they had the experience and knowledge to handle my case. I wanted a firm I felt could protect and defend my best interests, and the interests of my youthful daughters.

By word of mouth, I was referred to Candace Cho and her staff at Onyx Law Office, and when I met with her she looked at my case, told me what the next step was and how she would help. It was a moment when I exhaled, and left a lot of grief and pain behind, because I believed I’d have representation that I could trust. Maybe I was guided to her.

I’m thankful to Candace and to her staff for keeping me informed and finally breathing, not a little, but a lot easier. Thanks to Onyx’s straightforward approach which got to the crux of the matter, this litigation was resolved in a timely manner with the best desired outcome for myself and the children. Although this ordeal was emotionally trying, we can get on with our lives, without added worry and stress.

I chose the right firm and I know our future is on the proper course as my deceased grandfather had intended. I believe my grandfather would be very proud and I know his interests are protected, too, even though he is not here to speak. In the end, sometimes we need a good legal advocate to speak for those we loved and have lost.

Thank you to Onyx and I wouldn’t hesitate to tell anyone who needs good legal representation to take my words to heart.

I do not have the words to express my gratitude, so please accept ‘Thanks’.”

-Charlotte Lochhead