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Client Testimonial – David Findlay

“In the spring of 2011 my brother and I retained Candace Cho to represent us in a dispute with our two sisters in regards to the true nature of our deceased father’s estate. Soon after our father passed away my brother and I realized that the estate was valued at several hundreds of thousands of dollars less than it had been some two years previous when our father sold the family home. Our sisters refused to account for the missing money stating simply it was father’s money and he could do what he wanted with it. We retained Ms. Cho in order to have the missing funds returned to the estate or at the very least, accounted for it in a matter that would satisfy us. I found Ms Cho be a good listener, a smart lawyer, very knowledgeable in her field, and a wise adviser. Our dispute was resolved to our satisfaction in so much as the missing money was accounted for – our sisters had taken an “early inheritance” and then not advised the executor/administer of the estate of this. Further, through negotiations led by Ms. Cho, my brother and I received nearly all the missing money that was our share of the estate.

Candace Cho did exactly what she was retained to do and without the matter going to trial. Her work for us was professional throughout and her billing was fair and exact. I would not hesitate to retain Ms Cho again and will highly recommend her to any and all who need legal counsel in matters of Estate Law, disputes concerning Wills and inheritance.”

-David Findlay