Sevy v. Sevy

Lawyer: Candace Cho Trustee can be removed for the sole reason of a high level of conflict and discord between the Trustee and the beneficiaries of the…


Hancock v. Hancock

Lawyer: Candace Cho Significant gifts given to children who had good relationships with the testator before a testator’s death were not found to be a valid reason…

We were made to feel valued and heard. Integrity, competence and a passion for justice definitely describes Onyx. They are also caring, compassionate and have a good sense of humour.

Thanks to Onyx’s straightforward approach, this litigation was resolved with the best outcome for myself and my children. Although this ordeal was emotionally trying, we can get on with our lives, without added worry and stress.

I chose the right law firm and I know our future is on the proper course because of Onyx. I wouldn’t hesitate to tell anyone who needs good legal representation to take my words to heart.

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