Our Vancouver family lawyers are highly skilled in the process of asset division and ensuring you get the true value of what you’re owed.

Property division can be complex. It is only through determining what the parties own separately and together that a fair result can be achieved. Now more than ever in British Columbia, the historical value of pre-owned property is essential information that should be taken into account to determine what each party keeps after separation.

Vancouver Property Division Lawyers

Where there is a family business or one or both parties are self-employed, your lawyer needs to have a sophisticated understanding of business finances to ensure that you are adequately protected.

The family lawyers at Onyx have the experience and understanding necessary to deal with your intricate business arrangements. They can advise you on how to assist your business to run smoothly both during and after separation.

Often experts are needed to provide assistance in determining the value of a business. Since every business is unique, it is important to thoroughly understand the ownership structure and the industry-specific factors in order to determine the market value. Whether your business is a part time endeavor or a high-value business enterprise, it is critical to obtain a reliable valuation before making any agreement for division. Disclosure of the inner workings of the business is a prerequisite to obtaining a reliable valuation and it is important for you to know your rights and obligations in this complex area.

Our firm has worked with a broad range of accountants, business evaluators, and financial and tax experts to resolve all questions and concerns regarding valuation. Whether your business is focused on holding assets, providing professional services, providing construction expertise or producing agricultural products, our lawyers are able to bring a team together to coordinate all aspects of a business valuation. It is important for you to have the right professionals involved from the beginning.