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Unequal Inheritance Between Siblings in Canada – Case Study

In Canada, the question of whether an inheritance should be distributed equally between siblings has been a subject of legal debate. In British Columbia, for example, the case of Grewal v. Litt showcased a situation where an unequal inheritance between siblings led to a legal challenge. Our expert estate litigation lawyers can provide you with valuable […]

Can my Dad’s Girlfriend Contest his Will in BC?

Losing a loved one is one of the most challenging experiences anyone can go through. Unfortunately, after a person passes away, their assets and belongings must be distributed among their surviving relatives according to their will. In cases where the deceased did not leave a will, the rules of intestate succession dictate how the estate […]

Navigating Unclaimed Inheritances in Canada

In Canada, unclaimed inheritances refer to assets, properties, or funds left behind by deceased individuals that have not been claimed by their rightful heir or beneficiaries. There are several reasons why inheritances may go unclaimed in Canada. Sometimes, beneficiaries may be unaware of their entitlement to unclaimed property, especially if the deceased’s will was not […]

How to Contest a Will in British Columbia

Have you been unpleasantly surprised by what a loved one’s Will says? Do you suspect that a family member’s Will does not reflect their true wishes? You can contest a Will in BC to seek justice and ensure your loved one’s true wishes are respected. Read on for important information and answers to common questions […]
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What is Estate Litigation?

Estate litigation can be many things. It can be stressful and emotional. It can be time-consuming and costly. Many hope to avoid the litigation process altogether. But the bottom line is that in some situations, estate litigation is absolutely necessary to secure justice and ensure that a loved one’s final wishes are respected. You don’t […]
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What Happens After Probate is Granted in British Columbia?

The probate process is undoubtedly a legally taxing process for bereaved families. As such through our prior blogs, we’ve discussed strategies to avoid probate. We’ve also written about the probate process and the steps involved in a probate application, should one find oneself in the midst of one. However, in today’s blog post, we’ll talk […]
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Pour Over Clause

Pour over clauses are provisions in a will that specifies that any assets not specifically mentioned in the will are to be put ( “poured over”) into a trust upon the testator’s death. These pour over clauses ensure that any surplus assets are managed and distributed according to the terms of the trust. It also […]
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Transfer of Property From Parent to Child Canada

Transferring property from parent to child is a common occurrence in Canada, and is often associated with estate planning. On the surface, it seems like a simple and straightforward process. However, when you think about the legal, tax, and financial considerations, you would see that it can be challenging to navigate this process alone.  At […]
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If You Are Named in a Will How Are You Notified?

Family members and potential heirs are often curious to know whether they’ll receive an inheritance after a person dies. Beneficiaries may feel left in the dark about the status of the Will and their inheritance. Movies and TV make it seem like people should expect an invitation to a formal reading of the Last Will […]

Estate Planning: Will Preparation is Important and it’s Easier than You Think

Many Canadians put off estate planning or avoid it altogether. A recent poll of Canadian adults found that 50% don’t have a Last Will and Testament in place. When asked why they don’t have a Will, the top reasons were that they are too young to need one, they don’t have enough assets to worry […]
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