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Contesting a Will Due to Dementia

With the aging population and rising incidence of cognitive disorders such as dementia, challenges to the validity of wills are becoming more frequent. This article delves into an intriguing case study Re Singh Estate, 2019 BCSC 272, where family ties, property ownership, and cognitive decline intermingle, resulting in a contentious legal dispute. This real-world situation […]

How Long Do You Have to Contest a Will in BC?

There are many reasons to contest a Will. You may want to contest a Will if you have been disinherited, received much less than your siblings, or if you suspect the Will does not represent the true wishes of the deceased person. You can contest a Will in BC to seek justice and ensure your […]

How Long Does Probate Take in BC?

Immediately after a loved one’s death, you are dealing with complex emotions while planning a funeral and trying to find their Will. What comes next? How are estate assets handled, and who oversees the deceased’s estate? The estate administration process can be complex and intimidating. This article is intended to increase your understanding of probate […]

Wills and Succession Act BC: A Comprehensive Guide

How do you know if a Will is valid? Can anything be done to fix an invalid Will? What happens if a loved one dies without a Will? What are the probate rules in BC? Can you challenge a Will if you’ve been disinherited? Answers to these important legal questions are found in BC’s Wills, […]

How to Contest a Will in British Columbia

Have you been unpleasantly surprised by what a loved one’s Will says? Do you suspect that a family member’s Will does not reflect their true wishes? You can contest a Will in BC to seek justice and ensure your loved one’s true wishes are respected. Read on for important information and answers to common questions […]
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How to Make a Will in British Columbia

A Will is one of the most important documents you’ll ever make. It doesn’t matter if you have a simple estate or a complex estate with many assets—a Will is essential if you want a say in what happens when you die. If you die without a Will, you lose control over decisions such as […]
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Benefits of Estate Planning

Estate planning is not just for the very wealthy. It is important and beneficial for everyone.  You may be wondering, why is estate planning important, regardless of financial status? Because it provides a variety of benefits for you and your loved ones and protects the assets you accumulate in your lifetime. A good estate plan […]
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The Ultimate Estate Planning Checklist

Getting an estate plan in place is among the most important things you can do to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your wealth. Many people put it off, not wanting to think about death or incapacity, or because they believe estate planning is too difficult. The truth is that having an estate plan can […]

Wills Variation Act in British Columbia

The Wills Variation Act in British Columbia allows spouses and children to contest a will in certain circumstances, ensuring that they are provided for even if they have been unfairly left out. But what if a will-maker has disinherited a family member or treated beneficiaries unequally? Inconsistency can arise in determining the will-maker’s reasons for […]
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Is A Handwritten Will Legal in British Columbia? (Case Study)

When it comes to distributing a loved one’s assets, the legality of a handwritten will can be a source of dispute in British Columbia. But just how valid is a handwritten note left behind? The recent Skopyk Estate, 2017 BCSC case put this question to the test, as the court was tasked with determining the […]
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