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DIY Will British Columbia

DIY has become increasingly popular by the day. People now try to do things themselves, and creating a will is no exception.  In British Columbia, residents have the option of creating their wills independently. However, you need to understand what goes on in this process. This way, you can ensure the will is legally binding […]
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Does a Suicide Note Count As a Will?

In the realm of estate law, the validity of a will and its potential to be altered by a handwritten document is a fascinating and complex subject. British Columbia has witnessed intriguing cases where unconventional documents have played a critical role in determining the distribution of a person’s estate. One such case, Gregoire v. Cordani […]

Codicil To A Will In British Columbia

A codicil is a legal document that allows an individual to make changes or additions to their existing will without having to completely rewrite it. In British Columbia, codicils play an important role in the estate planning process, providing flexibility and convenience for those who need to make updates to their existing will. Understanding the […]

Unsigned Will Given Effect Despite Fluctuating Mental State of Will-Maker

In this article we will discuss important points from Gibb Estate (Re), 2021 BCSC 2461 on mental capacity, validity of wills, and the court’s duty to give effect to a deceased’s intentions whenever possible. While in the hospital after suffering a heart attack, a BC man named John Gibb requested that his lawyer prepare […]
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BC Court Declares Unsigned Will To Be Valid

In March 2020, the world ground to a halt as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Offices were shuttered and in-person meetings were only permitted for essential purposes. In light of the pandemic, Marilyn Bishop cancelled her March 20th appointment at her lawyer’s office to execute her new will. She had already given her instructions, […]

Will Not Updated Post-Separation, But Former Spouse Still Inherits Ex’s Estate

When married or common-law partners cease to be spouses, s. 56(2) of the Wills, Estates and Succession Act, S.B.C. 2009, c. 13 (“WESA”) automatically revokes testamentary gifts to one’s former spouse. The effect of s. 56(2) is that an ex-spouse is disinherited. But in some situations, that is not what is intended. In Jacobson Estate […]
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Who Pays the Costs of Vancouver Estate Litigation?

At the close of a Vancouver estate litigation matter, are costs paid out of the estate or is unsuccessful party personally liable for those costs? The answer to the question of who pays the legal costs and expenses relating to Vancouver estate litigation proceedings generally depends on who started the litigation and why. General costs […]
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BC Estate Litigation Determines Authenticity of Handwritten Change to Will

Can a handwritten document purporting to change a will be given legal effect via BC estate litigation? Section 58 of WESA is a broad curative provision. It provides the court with the discretion to validate a document which has not been made in compliance with the formalities of will-making and allow it to be admitted to probate, if satisfied that the document “represents the testamentary intentions of the will-maker.”
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Changing a Will in BC: Beneficiary Disinherited by White-Out

There are specific requirements for changing a will in BC after it has been made, just as there are specific requirements for making a will in the first place. Our BC estate lawyers have recently discussed the formal execution and attestation requirements that must be satisfied to make a valid BC will and whether there […]
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