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Divorce in BC: Everything You Need To Know About Family Law

Divorce in BC can be a stressful and emotionally challenging process. Whether you’re thinking about divorce or already in the middle of proceedings, you may be facing difficult decisions that will have a significant impact on your future. Issues related to finances, child custody, and relocation can add to the complexity of the situation. If […]
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Committeeship Applications in BC

An application to the BC Supreme Court is necessary for a person to become the guardian or “committee” of an incapable adult. The court application for committeeship can be relatively straightforward where there is no dispute among loved ones. If there is disagreement on who should be appointed committee, the matter becomes more complicated. Legal […]
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Inheritance Tax in BC: Comprehensive Guide

The death of a loved one can take a major emotional toll. Will the death of a loved one also take a big financial toll? Let’s talk about Canadian inheritance tax, estate tax, probate fees, and other financial considerations that can impact estate assets and the lessen the inheritance received by beneficiaries. We will also […]
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How Much Does It Cost to Get a Divorce in BC?

If you are unhappily married, you may be thinking about separation and divorce. Or, you may have already separated from your spouse and now want to finalize your divorce. In either case, cost is a big concern. How much does it cost to get a divorce in BC? Are there ways to reduce the financial […]

How Long Do You Have to Contest a Will in BC?

There are many reasons to contest a Will. You may want to contest a Will if you have been disinherited, received much less than your siblings, or if you suspect the Will does not represent the true wishes of the deceased person. You can contest a Will in BC to seek justice and ensure your […]
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Average Cost to Contest a Will in British Columbia

There are many reasons to contest a Will. You may want to contest a Will if you have been disinherited, received much less than your siblings, or if you suspect the Will does not represent the true wishes of the deceased person. Before you head for the courthouse, you want to know if it’s worth […]
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Bid for Special Referee Denied; Draws Costs in BC Committeeship Application

A special referee may be appointed within BC court proceeding to undertake factual investigations – often through the referee’s specialized expertise – that are necessary to the resolution of the issues between the parties. The court declined the request for appointment of a special referee in Klop (Re), 2021 BCSC 644 in the context of […]
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Court Clarifies Costs of Estate Litigation in Complex Family Dispute

This Vancouver estate litigation between siblings over their father’s estate—and the costs of the estate litigation itself—lasted nearly a decade. The BC Court of Appeal’s ruling in in Hollander v. Mooney, 2017 BCCA 238, leave to appeal ref’d [2017] S.C.C.A. No. 356 clarified important principles for awarding costs in estate litigation. Father’s estate planning leads to […]
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“Reprehensible” Conduct in Family Law Case Draws Over $1.2 Million Costs Award

A wealthy businessman adopted a battle plan designed to punish his estranged wife on multiple fronts in protracted Vancouver family litigation. The BC court found that the husband’s conduct amounted to use of his superior resources in an attempt to wear down his wife. His “litigation war” strategy and the unsustainable positions he took throughout […]
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Punitive Special Costs in BC Committeeship Proceedings

It is common in committeeship disputes for families and loved ones to have diametrically opposed views of the best interests of the patient. Disagreements about the best interests of an incapable adult may need to be settled by litigation. Costs in BC committeeship proceedings serve the function of encouraging parties to behave reasonably in contentious family […]
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