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Trusts and Estate Planning

You’ve worked hard and built assets over your lifetime. Now you are starting to think about your financial legacy. What is the best way to protect assets, provide support for family members, and ensure your wishes are followed? People have a Will but often don’t consider trusts. Many people hesitate when it comes to trusts, […]

Inheritance And Divorce: How To Protect Your Child’s Inheritance from Divorce

Parents want to provide for their children. Parents also worry about how inherited assets or inheritance money will be used once in their child’s hands. The interplay between inheritance and divorce is an area of particular concern for many parents of adult children who are married or in a common law relationship. What happens to […]
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BC Child Support Obligations After Death

Did you know that after a parent dies, his or her estate may be liable for outstanding? Does this allow for continued BC child support payments? That important principle was recently confirmed in Bouchard v. Bouchard, 2018 BCSC 1728, where Madam Justice Donegan set out the correct approach to get an order for BC child support […]
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What is a Constructive Trust?

A constructive trust can be used to resolve unfairness. If you have been wrongfully deprived of property, a constructive trust may be the solution to right the wrong in your favour. Constructive trusts are a powerful, flexible legal tool that can be used to resolve all kinds of disputes, including estate litigation  and family law […]

Is A Girlfriend A Spouse? Common Law in British Columbia

In British Columbia, determining if a girlfriend is considered a spouse hinges on whether their relationship is deemed “marriage-like.” British Columbia’s legislation equates married couples with common-law spouses if the relationship meets this “marriage-like” criterion. This raises questions on entitlement to spousal support upon separation. Understanding what constitutes a “marriage-like” relationship in BC is complex, […]

Annulment vs Divorce in British Columbia

Ending a marriage is never easy. When a marriage breaks down, it gives rise to complex emotional and financial issues.  Another major issue: how do you end your marriage? Can you annul a marriage in Canada? Is annulment the same as divorce? This article will explain the differences between annulment and divorce, the criteria to […]

BC Divorce Online: File for Divorce in British Columbia

We do so much online these days. The internet has made it more convenient for us to do all kinds of tasks using our computers or smartphones.   What about divorce? Online divorce websites have begun popping up, advertising cheap and fast divorce applications. Should you trust these online options to prepare British Columbia divorce […]
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What is a Child Entitled to When a Parent Dies Without a Will?

The death of a parent can be emotionally devastating. It can also be a time of deep confusion if the parent died without a Will. When a Last Will and Testament is in place, it provides the deceased parent’s wishes for dividing their property and possessions after death. A Will helps prevent disputes among beneficiaries. […]

Family Law Act in British Columbia: A Comprehensive Guide

Whether you are at the beginning, middle or end of a separation, you are facing difficult decisions that will affect your future. There are so many issues that need to be resolved, from financial issues (e.g., child support and spousal support payments), to property division, to arrangements for your children. You will be in a […]

When Does Child Support End in British Columbia?

What age do you stop paying child support in British Columbia, Canada? Many people assume that child support ends when a child reaches the age of majority. While that is generally true, there are several situations where child support obligations continue for children over the age of majority.  Child support for children over the age […]
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