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Is spousal support tax deductible?

Whether you’re facing a request to pay spousal support or need it to maintain your standard of living after a divorce, it’s important to have a clear underst…
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Wills Variation Act in British Columbia

The Wills Variation Act in British Columbia allows spouses and children to contest a will in certain circumstances, ensuring that they are provided for eve…

How to not pay spousal support in British Columbia

Spousal support. Alimony. Spousal maintenance. Whatever term you use, it is important to know that it is not an automatic right when a relationship ends. In …
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Is A Handwritten Will Legal in British Columbia? (Case Study)

When it comes to distributing a loved one’s assets, the legality of a handwritten will can be a source of dispute in British Columbia. But just how valid is …

Justified Reasons to Remove Executors/Trustees

In British Columbia, removing an executor or trustee can be necessary when they fail to properly fulfill their duties. But what are the grounds for doing s…

How long does spousal support last in BC?

When it comes to spousal support, the first question is always: “How much?” But beyond the question of how much spousal support is owed is the equally import…

Calculating Spousal Support in British Columbia

There are many issues to deal with when you are going through a separation. Spousal support is often one of them. Your ex spouse may be asking for spousal su…

Presumption of Advancement in British Columbia Estate and Family Law

The Presumption of Advancement in British Columbia has sparked heated debates among family lawyers and estate litigators. This common law doctrine assumes th…
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Codicil To A Will In British Columbia

A codicil is a legal document that allows an individual to make changes or additions to their existing will without having to completely rewrite it. In Bri…
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Notice of Dispute in British Columbia

The Notice of Dispute is an important legal mechanism used in the estate administration process in British Columbia. It provides an interested party with t…
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